Landlord Experience Questionnaire
 A coalition including CT Property Owners Alliance, The Source Development Hub, City Plan Commission, Neighborhood Housing Services and others to hold meetings to discuss barriers to affordable housing have recently come together to discuss the barriers to housing for high-risk renters in the community. Currently, the group is analyzing what will make it easier for the homeless, the reentry population leaving prison, or those with multiple evictions to secure decent housing.

The talks have created a couple of “A-Ha Moments” because landlord advocates don’t often sit down with tenant advocates and work together. So far, it’s been determined that most landlords fear renting to high-risk tenants because if things don’t work, landlords have to go through a lengthy, and costly eviction to remove that renter from the premises; the risk outweighs the reward.

As a result, the group is discussing creating a pilot program that will provide owners some financial benefits such as rental guarantees and legal expense reimbursement and tenant participants will undergo "Readiness to Rent Counseling." Also, the program will maintain some support staff that will be available to all parties in case issues arise.

This survey is completely anonymous - Most questions have yes/no answers, or ask you to choose a number on a scale. Please feel free to elaborate if you want to add more detail. Please note that we would like you to think specifically about your properties in New Haven only as you answer the questions, unless the question specifies otherwise.

Your experience, knowledge and insight into these issues is incredibly important. We have had input from landlords and property managers in developing this survey, so we hope that the questions cover all the important topics. However, if you feel there is something important we haven’t covered, please let us know!

This survey is completely voluntary, and you can ask to skip any question you’d rather not answer. As mentioned earlier, it is also completely anonymous – we are not collecting any personal identifying information about you, and your answers will not be linked to you in any way.

It should take approximately 30 minutes to answer the survey.

The first few questions are designed to help us understand how you make decisions about whether to rent to a person or not.

Thank you - lets work together to provide better solutions.

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