Real Estate Solutions

Freeman & Co works throughout Connecticut and New York bringing together experienced attorneys, brokers, and financial experts giving you solid solutions in law, real estate and finance.

Freeman & Co. has worked extensively with Attorneys, Brokers and Financial Specialists, bringing solutions and tackling some of the the toughest Real Estate challenges out there.

Freeman & Co. has worked with countless property owners to bring solid workable mortgage solutions to some of the most daunting Mortgage challenges. She and her team are obsessed to find solutions that work to the property owners benefit, relentlessly researching strategies and trends.

Property Management

Freeman & Co. works with Property Management and
property owners to get higher returns for property
management companies and their clients via lease
options, Airbnb or even through utilizing our cost
effective, efficient maintenance crew.
Our goals for you are higher returns with less hassle.
Real Estate brings together many skill sets and
because of that, you will likely need a team.
Maximizing returns on property is much more than
just collecting rent.

Your portfolio should be working hard for you. As a
harried overworked land owner or property manager,
struggling to keep up with his or her own job and life
demands, we are here to help fill the gaps to increase
your profits, and to take away the headaches.


Our Focus


Freeman & Co. is focused on your individual needs as a
property manager or owner, whether you own or
manage one investment property or a large portfolio.
No person or company is the same and we focus on
bringing a solution to your individual needs.
Some of the Solutions that Freeman & Co provides:




Why Freeman & Co. ?

Freeman & Co. is committed to excellence and
providing you with as smooth of a process in
maximizing your property as much as possible.
Years of experience behind them, as well as familiarity
with the market, the laws governing that market, and
the wide array of varied situations that can arise when
renting your properties puts you at ease and sets you
on your way to achieving your investment goals.






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