Freeman & Co had its start when Naomi Freeman began working with attorneys to help people who were losing their homes in foreclosure.

People often had experienced job loss, sickness, or other life disruptions that resulted in them being unable to make their mortgage payments. Navigating the paperwork and programs necessary to get people back on track was often daunting.

In addition to home owners, housing providers also faced foreclosures. Housing providers were often surprised to see that the same kindness they had extended to their tenants who were struggling, was not extended to them by loan servicers, (mortgage holders), liens from utilities, and especially taxes from their landlord, the city. The same city that encouraged, even forced housing providers to work with their tenants, to accept losses from their tenants, would not work with them, nor accept losses from them. And rather, would even further penalize the housing provider for not taking losses.

The struggle of the housing provider in Connecticut created by harmful legislation affects us all in many ways. Navigating its complexities can be difficult and housing providers often asked for help managing their properties to both save their properties and to also help their tenants.

Over time, as more requests from housing providers came in, Freeman & Co discontinued managing properties and now they are now managed by Property Management.

Freeman & Co. still remains actively involved in its original focus which is finding solutions to the unique housing needs and challenges that Connecticut faces.

Naomi R. Freeman

Naomi Freeman, has worked extensively with Attorneys, Brokers, housing programs, and financial specialists, bringing solid workable solutions to some of the toughest real estate challenges.

She has spoken at the capital on numerous occasions giving perspective on proposed legislation as to how it affects renters, housing providers, and the community.

She is actively working with housing programs, housing providers, labor specialists, educators, attorneys, legislators, and many others to create holistic housing. Housing that does not simply find housing for a struggling family or a struggling individual, but also supports that family or individual in navigating and utilizing the services that also address financial, physical, and mental health to becoming an independent and contributing members of community.